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Works on feature films
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Searching for Makunaíma (Documentary - 84min - 2020)

Director and Editor

Awards: Best Film at the 53rd Festival of Brasília and at the 25th Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival, Miami.

Festivals: 43rd Festival de Cine de La Habana Festival (Cuba) and 53rd Festival of Brasília amoung others.

The film was screened in the "Brazilian Modernism at 100" film program at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) in New York, and in Princeton University, commemorating the centennial of the São Paulo "Modern Art Week."

Searching for Macunaima is a cultural and historical account of the most Brazilian character there is in fiction. The film begins with Makunaima, one of the founding myths of the native people from the border between Brazil-Venezuela-Guiana, first captured in the writings of the German ethnographer Koch-Grünberg at the beginning of the 1910s. He is the one to make the connection between the Amazon and the non-indigenous Brazil and inspires author Mário de Andrade to write the renowned 'Macunaima, a hero without character' in 1926. Over 40 years later, filmmaker Joaquim Pedro de Andrade makes his own version of this story, which becomes the most censored film of the Cinema Novo movement. In 1978, it's time for theatre director Antunes Filho to take Macunaima to the stage. Searching for Macunaima reclaims this amazing character who represents Brazil in many ways and remains relevant to date.


Memórias do Grupo Opinião
(Documentary - 73 min - 2019)


A partir das lembranças do diretor e dramaturgo João das Neves (1934-2018), o filme reconta a história do "Grupo Opinião", coletivo derivado do "Centro Popular de Cultura", o "CPC", que marcou a resistência contra a ditadura militar.

Opening movie for the 24th It's All True Film Festival
In-Edit BRASIL – 11º Festival Internacional do Documentário Musical (São Paulo).

Shown on Canal Brasil (TV)

Direção: Paulo Thiago

Produção: Melodrama


Doidas e Santas
(Fiction - 1h 35min - 2017)


Beatriz (Maria Paula) é uma terapeuta de casais que também escreve livros sobre o tema. Pressionada com o prazo cada vez mais apertado para escrever seu novo livro, ela precisa lidar com problemas no próprio casamento, com o advogado Orlando (Marcelo Faria), e ainda a filha adolescente (Luana Maia) e a mãe (Nicette Bruno), com as quais vive batendo de frente.

Released on brazilians cinemas.

Direção: Paulo Thiago

Produção: Melodrama

doidas e santas.jpg

Here wackos are not swept under the carpet
(Documentary - 84min - 2010)

Director, Editor and Producer

Through the patients, family members and medical team life's stories, we try to see beyond the stereotypes and prejudices surrounding mental illness.

Festival do Rio 2010 - Premiere Brasil - Mostra Novos Rumos XXV Festival de Cinema Latino Americano de Trieste (Itália)


Streetkids United II — The Girls From Rio 
(Documentary - 89min - 2015)


In the documentary Streetkids United II - The Girls From Rio a Brazilian girls football team is followed as they prepare themselves for the tournament that will change their lives forever, the Street Child World Cup. In the midst of police and drug gangs confrontations the Favela Street Girls strive to keep their dreams alive.

Best Film in Cambridge Film Festival and Marbella International Film Festival

Executive Producer - Stephen Daldry, Beeban Kidron.

Producer - Mike Downey, Jamillah Van der Hulst, Sam Taylor
Director - Maria Clara


(Fiction - 110min)

Director, Script writer and Producer

MACUXI is inspired by real events from the life of Leandro, born in the Macuxi tribe, located at the Moco Moco village, Guyana. The movie tells, in a parallel, the story of his childhood in the tribe and his adolescence in a brazilian city.

The project has won the Brazilian Film Agency (ANCINE) contest for its development and seeks founding for its production. 

Script writers - Rodrigo Séllos and Juliana Milheiro
Script Consulting - Miguel Machalski
Director - Rodrigo Séllos


Mundo Novo / New World (Fiction - 84min - 2021)


Awards: Best Fiction Screenplay and Best Actress at Rio International Film Festival 2021

Festivals: 45th Int'l São Paulo Film Festival and Rio International Film Festival 2021

On the 1st anniversary of the pandemic, lawyer Conceição and graffiti artist Presto, an interracial couple, go to the house of Charles, Presto's brother, to ask for his signature as a guarantor for the financed purchase of the apartment in Leblon that anchors the dream. of the couple's future. But the request proves to be much more complex than getting a simple signature.

Cartaz Mundo Novo.jpg


Works on short films 
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You don't know me
(Documentary - 14min - 2018)

Director, Editor, Producer and Scriptwriter

- 20th Rio de Janeiro Int'l Film Festival - Best Short Film - Première Brasil - Audience Awards
- Special Mention by the Jury - 21 Festival de Málaga Cine en Español - SECCIÓN OFICIAL DE CORTOMETRAJES

- Vancouver International Film Festival - VIFF 
- Bogotá Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS

A woman victim of rape. A situation that should never have happened. Her body unrecognizable, her mind sunk in strange feelings. But she must stand firm. Through words and courage, she traces a healing path and ends up helping several other women. A movie that should not have to exist.


Remedial Class
(Fiction - 18 min - 2015)

Director and Co-producer

8th CineBH International Film Festival- Belo Horizonte, Brazil (2014)
Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival 2014 (Brazil)
FESTin - Festival de Cinema Itinerante da Língua Portuguesa - Lisbon, Portugal (2015)
Curta-SE – Festival Iberoamericano de Cinema de Sergipe 2015 (Brazil)
Star Film Festival 2015 - Croatia 

The young teacher Beatriz is called for another remedial class. But Bento, her new student, has more problems than passing the SAT. And his mother, Mrs Sara, will spare no efforts to convince Beatriz to help her child. Based on Cristovão Tezza's short story.


Who are you?
(Fiction - 7min - 2010)

Director, Scriptwriter, Cinematographer and Editor

In a caotic city, who are you?

Shot in 16mm and High 8.

Festival Internacional de 16mm
Brasil Cine – Sweden
MOSCA - 6ª Mostra Audiovisual de Cambuquira
7º Festival de Cinema de Maringá


Coutinho Repórter
(Documentary - 24min - 2010)

Producer and Assistant Director

In a plain conversation with Eduardo Coutinho, the filmmaker analyses the period he worked in Globo Repórter for TV Globo. During the military dictatorship made documentaries with strong social imprint. With this experience becomes a documentarian. After the Globo Repórter era, He finishes his most important movie: "Cabra Marcado Para Morrer".

Director - Rená Tardin

16º É Tudo Verdade 2011 - Mostra Competitiva
33º Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Lationamericano - Havana - Cuba
Festival do Rio 2011 - Première Brasil - Rio de Janeiro
14º FORUMDOC.BH - Festival do Filme Documentário e Etnográfico
II Cachoeira DOC - Festival de Documentários de Cachoeira
5ª Mostra CineBH
7ª Mostra de Cinema de Ouro Preto

Coutinho Reporter CARTAZ.jpg

Far from West
(Documentary - 20min - 2013)


The documentary tells the story of Paulo Tardin, who lives in Bom Jesus do Itabapoana, northwest of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and has in his house one of the largest personal collections of films in Faroeste: there are about 30,000 film titles, VHS and DVD. Paulo has been collecting and disseminating these works for almost 30 years.

Director - Rená Tardin

China International New Media Short Film Festival 2014
25th Lone Pine Film Festival na Califórnia 2014
International Film Festival of Lanzarote (FICL) 2015 


(Documentary - 12min - 2019)


The story of the famous street cleaner from Brazil, Renato Sorriso (Smile). From a poor background in Rio de Janeiro to the closing ceremony of London 2012, he enchanted the world with his samba and his joy.

Director - J.C. Oliveira

Best short documentary at Belize International Film Festival

Interfilm Berlin

Belize International Film Festival

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